Welcome back to our weekly roundup of jailbreak modifications, and this week’s contributions to our jailbreak community were fantastic. Here, we have compiled a list of the top jailbreak modifications from the previous week, beginning with the most popular jailbreak tweaks and progressing to the remainder of the adjustments.

So, keep reading to find out what you could have missed this week.

This Week’s Most Popular Jailbreak Tweaks


Arkita is a new jailbreak modification that allows users to change the appearance of the Lock Screen’s Now Playing widget in a variety of ways. You can quickly colorize or resize the Now Playing widget with this jailbreak hack so that it is both useful and visually beautiful.


Alt5tore is an add-on for the AltStore app that enables direct downloads and updates of the unc0ver jailbreak program while connected to the AltServer.

AV Orientation Control

We’ve all noticed that when we sit on our beds to view movies and are often lying sideways, the iPhone display screen rotates and gets a bit difficult to see.

AV Orientation Lock can manage this issue since it adds a Rotational Lock button to the video player interface itself, which the user may set to avoid this kind of behavior.

Resurrected JellyLock

JellyLock Reborn, an improved version of the Android-based JellyLock modification, was another popular jailbreak tweak published last week. This jailbreak hack enables jailbreakers to access programs and shortcuts straight from their Lock Screen through a drag-and-drop joystick interface.

Other Week’s Releases

CustomizeBW – If you want to change the appearance and feel of your device’s battery widget, CustomizeBW is the right jailbreak modification for you. This fix is available from the Packix repository for $2.00.

Buzz Pro – Using this jailbreak modification, you can change the colors and appearance of your iPhone’s Phone app. This is available for $1.79 from the Twickd repository.

FuckMyHearing – Use this jailbreak modification to deactivate iOS’s automatic volume reduction mechanism, which is designed to protect the user’s hearing. This is available for free from the Twickd repository.

Volify – This jailbreak hack adds a volume level slider to Spotify’s Now Playing UI. It is available for free from the ginsu repository.

MusicArtworkNoCorners – Remove the album artwork corner radius from your Apple Music app with this free jailbreak modification from ETHN’s repository.

Rasperry – Allows YouTube and YouTube Music app background playing without requiring a Premium membership. This is a free jailbreak tweak available from the Twickd repository.

WAWordCopy – This jailbreak hack allows users to copy particular words from a WhatsApp Messenger message bubble. It is available for free download from the BigBoss repository.

DrkCord – This jailbreak hack allows you to colorize your Discord app and is available for $0.99 from the Twickd repository.

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