As the Christmas holiday approaches and a new week begins, we are all eager to share our weekly roundup with you.

In this post, we will discuss the most recent jailbreak modifications that may be of interest to you and beneficial to you. We’ll go through the jailbreak tweaks that were released from Monday to Sunday, starting with our top selections of the week. After that, we’ll end it off with a few more jailbreak modifications that our readers may find handy.


If you, like many other users, find notification badges annoying, the Begone jailbreak modification is the ideal answer for you. Begone allows you to simply conceal the notification badges of various programs and avoid being bothered by software update messages. Furthermore, removing these notification badges is really straightforward.

You may remove these notification badges from your Home Screen by using a Haptic Touch gesture or a 3D touch on the app whose notification badges you don’t want to display. Because this is a free jailbreak modification, you may quickly install it on your iPhone to remove bothersome app alerts.

Pro AnimeMyBadges

AnimeMyBadges Pro is a simple jailbreak hack that allows you to animate your iPhone’s Home Screen notification badges whatever you like. The patch contains settings for changing the pace, color, and number of impacted applications, as well as various alternative animations.

This is a premium jailbreak tweak that costs $1.99.


We’ve all observed that the Now Playing interface on the iPhone’s Lock Screen is pretty plain and dull. In truth, the Now Playing design of the Spotify Music app looks far superior, and you can simply obtain it for your iPhone’s Lock Screen with the assistance of a jailbreak hack.

Juin is a new jailbreak hack that will display the Now Playing UI of the Spotify Music app on your Lock Screen. Not only that, but it also gives consumers with enhanced album artwork presentation and great music controls. The greatest part is that it is a free jailbreak modification, so you can simply install it on your jailbroken iPhone from the repository.

Other Publications

FuturistiCam – With the FuturistiCam jailbreak hack, you can quickly give your original Camera app a Sci-Fi makeover. It is a premium modification available from the Packix repository for $1.40.

TranzloModules – Use this free patch from the MiRO repository to control the Tranzlo Center modules.

DashApp – The DashApp modification enables you to replace the Camera app’s Lock Screen shortcut to a shortcut for another app. It is a free modification available from the Twickd repository.

QuickColourWallpaper – To change the color of your wallpaper, use this free patch from the kanns103 repository.

DoubleTabLock – This hack allows you to lock your smartphone by merely touching twice on the Home Screen. This is a free modification available from the kanns103 repository.

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