Opera Browser is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Opera has a download manager, extension support, a built-in VPN, and Speed Dial.

Download Opera Browser

Opera is a web browser that includes features like support for bookmarks, download manager, support for extensions, or Speed Dial that shows thumbnails of your favorite sites on the blank card. Opera Browser download for Windows 7.

The application is working on the Blink browser engine that is also utilized in Google Chrome. It supports all the newest Web technologies like HTML5, CSS animations, JavaScript / ECMAScript, DOM, SVG, XML, XHTML, geolocation, orientation for mobile devices and GPU acceleration for the canvas.

Opera is the first major browser that can block advertisements for you without add-ons. According to testing, our built-in ad blocker helps content-rich web sites load in Opera up to 90% quicker.

One of the distinctive characteristics of the Norwegian browser is Opera Turbo. This technique helps the browser to load quicker any online pages via the use of data compression and lowering the size of sites up to 80%.

All requests (except for HTTPS) are handled by Opera’s servers and then forwarded to the user. The method works well for sluggish internet connections and mobile devices. You may also access Facebook Messanger and Whatsapp from the sidebar.

Features like visible bookmarking, tab cycling, and customized shortcuts, keep you on track and save you time. Opera provides new video pop out feature – a floating, a moving video frame that enables you keep surfing or work in other programs without losing any of the action.

Battery saving function will let you surf longer and increases laptop battery life by up to 50%. Opera news feed enables you to read the news. You may add favored news sources from all around the globe.

Opera is now delivering a built-in PDF player and a search engine highlighting intriguing stuff in the Discover area. To get more of Opera browser you may install extra addons. Currently, Opera provides in the database over 1000 products.

Opera is a superb browser with unique features like Free VPN, built-in native ad-blocker, compatibility for Facebook Messenger, VKontakte, and WhatsApp inside the sidebar, battery saver, newsfeed and more. Opera is one of my favorite desktop browsers that gives handy choices while exploring the Internet.

Of course, you may find such functions in alternative solutions, but you need to download extensions and add-ons. Opera is packed with the listed features. If you need to capture a screenshot, then apply basic edits to it, Opera will cover you. The battery saving option will undoubtedly be handy when your battery will be low, and you need to still spend some time on the web.

Messengers in the sidebar

Opera is packed with complete online versions of Facebook Messenger, VKontakte, and WhatsApp accessible from Opera sidebar to the left of the browser. This function allows rapid access to current chats while exploring the Internet.

When you will download Opera, the browser will inform you immediately in the browser when a new message comes. You may mute or log out of the messenger using the three-dotted menu button above, or pin messages, so you can continue communicate while surfing.

Create, edit, and save Snapshot

Opera has a snapshot function that enables you to effortlessly grab certain elements of a web page. When discussing gift ideas, you may add arrows or use the pencil tool to draw, blur, or wipe off the price tag, or you can add emojis to photographs using Opera’s snapshot.

You may either frame a specific region or capture the whole screen. It is even possible to distribute modified photographs on social media.

Opera VR Player

Playback of Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and other OpenVR-compatible devices is included into Opera. When these devices are linked to your system, all you have to do is start a 360-degree movie, such as one from YouTube.

VR playback begins instantly, and the VR Player in Opera is not activated. This is the first browser to support direct playback of virtual reality headsets.

Instant Search

Using the Opera Quick Search tool, press ALT + Space or click the button in the address bar, input a query, and receive instant results. The current web page fades off when you start Instant Search. A new search box will emerge, allowing you to concentrate on your new search.

Furthermore, Instant Search may be used to navigate across open tabs.

Opera Flow

Flow is a platform for sharing links, movies, photographs, and notes that you want to be able to access from your computer and phone.

Flow links your desktop Opera browser to your mobile Opera Touch browser, enabling you to access all shared data across all platforms.


Opera has a native ad blocker that will speed up any website that displays advertising. The ad blocker in Opera is incorporated straight into the browser. You do not need to configure ad-block; just enable it in the browser settings.

You may also effortlessly unblock advertising on any page by using Opera’s native ad filter.

Furthermore, you can perform a speed test for the chosen website to see how much faster it loads with adblocking enabled and how many advertisements were blocked.

Free VPN

If you download Opera, you will have access to a free, limitless VPN service that will replace your IP address with a virtual one, making it more difficult for websites to trace your location and identify your machine.

You have the option of selecting a server in Europe, America, or Asia. Opera VPN may also be utilized in a private surfing window.

Battery saver

With its unique energy saving function, the Opera browser may prolong the life of your laptop battery. It increases the battery life of your laptop by up to an hour, allowing you to surf for longer periods of time without needing to charge it. The majority of the Opera’s power-saving wizardry occurs in the background.

When the battery saver is enabled, for example, it decreases activity in background tabs, automatically stops unnecessary plug-ins, and pauses browser theme animations until the laptop can be charged.

News Reader

In Opera’s newsreader, you may choose sources from a variety of categories and languages, including breaking news, sports, and entertainment.

Furthermore, the top 50 news pieces in your language will appear at the top of your stream.

Currency, unit, and time zone converters

Using the built-in currency, measurement, and time zone converters, Opera can translate unknown figures and timings with a simple highlight.

Automatic conversions for foreign currencies, units of measurement, and time zones in the browser make it quick and straightforward to convert unknown numbers on the fly.

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