Now that you can jailbreak iOS 13, you’re undoubtedly wondering what comes next. We have compiled a list of the greatest Cydia modifications for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Discover unique and practical adjustments that may give your gadget new life and make it more user-friendly.

After you’ve jailbroken iOS using a free program like unc0ver or Chimera, it’s time to add some additional repositories to your preferred package manager. There are several adjustments accessible for download, but individuals want assistance in locating the gems, which is what this essay is all about. The best Cydia mods for 2020.

There are several Cydia modifications available. This contained system improvements, split-view support, dark mode, new keyboard styles with emojis and fast access buttons, improved clipboard managers, new themes, widgets for the home and lock screens, new animations, a volume HUD, and other features.

Cydia App Store also provides access to third-party programs, both free and paid, that you may find helpful. This is a fantastic time to introduce you to the top Cydia applications for iOS post. Discover the finest iOS Cydia modifications.

Which Cydia modifications are the best?

  1. KillX modification

KillX is a simple and highly helpful jailbreak hack that allows you to close all applications from the App Switcher at once. The package is compatible with iOS 11 – iOS 13, and it is available for free download from official Cydia repositories. Swipe down from the app switcher to terminate all currently active applications using the KillX modification.

  1. Modifications to the NewGridSwitcher

NewGridSwitcher is a free jailbreak modification that lets you customize the grid switcher on all iOS 13 and iOS 11 devices. You may get it for free from the Cydia repository. The hack gives one of the most aesthetically pleasing alternatives to iOS’s default grid switcher. This is a lovely jailbreak modification!

  1. Changes to RealCC:

RealCC is a simple but necessary iOS modification that allows you to easily access and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings from the iOS Control Centre. This Tweak will save you a lot of time by deactivating Wi-Fi without having to use the Settings app.

  1. Modifications to the PowerModule

PowerModule expands Control Centre’s capabilities by providing rapid power access controls. Run CCModules toggles for respringing your smartphone, entering safe mode, powering down your handset, clearing UICache, rebooting your device, and locking your cellphone.

  1. Modifications to FloatingDock

On the iOS dock, FloatingDock may display recommended applications. Set the maximum number of recent applications to appear on the dock (up to 5) and the maximum number of dock icons to display (from 1 to 15). Additionally, apply a custom dock color or make the dock translucent.

  1. Modifications to the Carrierizer

Carrierizer is a free iOS jailbreak hack that lets you customize the operator text or replace it with emoticons from your system. There is also a choice in the app settings that allows you to conceal the carrier name from the bar. To make all of the modifications take effect, restart SpringBoard.

  1. Modifications to the ActionBar

ActionBar improves your typing by enabling various handy features on the iPhone keyboard. The modification includes options like as displaying the ActionBar at the bottom or top of the keyboard, customizing the colors of the ActionBar, displaying cut and copy actions only when text is chosen, and selecting all text.

8. NoMoreAppBar modification

The BigBoss repository’s NoMoreAppBar patch will easily conceal the App Drawer in the Messages app on iOS 12, or remove the App Bar from the iMessage app on iOS 12. It is easy to install if you have a jailbroken smartphone. There are no configuration options.

  1. Change the location

Relocate is a free iOS location switcher. After installing the modification, all setting choices will be accessible through the Settings app’s preference pane. To modify the location, tap on the map or type in the city name.

  1. Copypasta improvement:

Copypasta is a fantastic Cydia modification that improves the clipboard manager in iOS 11 and iOS 12. It enables you to explore the history of copied words, links, photos, and so on, and then choose which ones to paste in any program. The clipboard manager is shown at the bottom of the keyboard by default, but you may change this.

  1. SnowBoard modification

SnowBoard is the lightweight spiritual successor of Winterboard’s famed theming engine. It is compatible with iOS 7 to iOS 12.4 and supports formats from all other common theming engines. SnowBoard is a necessary jailbreaking program that can be downloaded for free by anybody.

12. Ultrasound tinkering

Ultrasound free is a gorgeous jailbroken iOS Volume HUD replacement. iOS 11 and iOS 12.4 are supported. Using this fantastic jailbreak hack, you can change practically every element of the volume HUD. Install Ultrasound for free from the Cydia repository.

  1. Modifications to Notifica

Notifica lets you modify your jailbroken iPhone, iPad, and iPod’s alerts, banners, widgets, and “now playing” media controls. The modification is free and works with iOS 11 and iOS 12. Install Notifica from the official Cydia Repository.

14 UnSub modification

UnSub is a contemporary tweak that allows you to block tweak injections (Substrate and Substitute) in certain system and user programs. UnSub is compatible with both the unc0ver and the Chimera jailbreak tools. You must always respring your iPhone to enable the modification.

  1. WishDia modification

WishDia is a simple Cydia patch that allows you to build a wish list inside the package manager. Browse available packages and save them to a wishlist for easy access. From the Cydia home page, you can access your bookmarks. The modification is compatible with iOS 11 and iOS 13.

  1. Mitsuha Forever Modification

Mitsuha Forever Cydia hack provides a fantastic music visualizer to Spotify and Apple Music. You may modify parameters for each app, choose a style, adjust bar spacing, corner radius, line thickness, color, speed (frames per second), and sensitivity from the app settings.

  1. Changes to the Barmoji

The Barmoji Cydia modification demonstrates how Apple could have utilized the additional space on the iPhone X keyboard instead of leaving it vacant. Add a selectable emoji view between the globe and dictations buttons for iPhone Xs to make it KeyboardX compliant.

18 KeyboardX alterations

KeyboardX is a free iOS app that lets you utilize the large iPhone X keyboard on earlier devices. It is compatible with iPhones running iOS 11 and iOS 13. (Not yet compatible with iPads). Furthermore, the tweak is completely compatible with the Barmoji tweak. Install KeyboardX from the Cydia App Store.

  1. AppSync Unified Modification

Installed AppSync Unified patches, enabling you to install unsigned IPA files on iOS. AppSync may be used to clone installed applications, obtain fakesigned IPAs, and help with iOS app development using Xcode. Unlike Cydia Impactor, there are no app limits or 7-day certificates.

  1. AnimationsBeFast tinkering

You may use AnimationsBeFast to accelerate animations such as app and folder opening and shutting, screen wake speed, unlock coversheet, and more. This free iOS jailbreak modification is entirely customizable via the Settings App. Download AnimationsBeFast from the Cydia official repo.

21. CuKey tinkering

CuKey is a Cydia patch that allows you to change the keyboard color in both default and third-party applications installed on your device. You may also choose a different keyboard sound (Default, Doodle Jump v2, Doodle Jump, Nintendo Switch Keyboard, Toggle Tick, iOS 6 keyboard).

  1. QuickCC modification

QuickCC is a free Control Centre patch that allows you to access Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices by long pressing on the corresponding toggles. This list shows the name of the connected network or device, as well as additional sources. The app adds a control pane to the Settings app, where you may customize all parameters.

  1. Cuboid modification

Cuboid is a small home screen layout manager for jailbroken devices. It provides free features comparable to those found in Boxy. Set the number of columns and rows on the home screen, conceal icon labels, modify vertical and horizontal padding, establish a new offset, and so on.

  1. 13HUD modification

13HUD is the jailbreak volume HUD design for iOS 13. It looks and feels fantastic on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. After multiple volume button hits, the 13HUD tweak shrinks. Furthermore, you may adjust the volume of your smartphone using touch rather than button pushes.

  1. Changes to ChatHeads

ChatHeads by c1d3r was recently made available as a free jailbreak modification. It enables you to show Facebook-style floating chat heads on your iPhone, giving you rapid access to your discussions. You may simply move the location of the chat icons to the left or right side of the screen.

26. Melior tinkering

Melior Cydia modification refreshes the lock of Apple’s iOS volume HUD and adds several more helpful functions. The volume level may be adjusted by hitting the hardware buttons or swiping up or down on the interface. You may alter the location and appearance of the HUD in the app settings.

  1. VideoHUD customization

The VideoHUD jailbreak modification modifies the lock of Apple’s iOS volume HUD and adds a new fall to the system. Enjoy the compact, contemporary appearance of volume control by controlling the volume level using the hardware buttons. The VideoHUD modification works with iOS 11 and iOS 12.

  1. Cylinder modification

Cylinder is a free iOS jailbreak hack that updates the appearance of iOS home screen icons by introducing new movements. You can get the tweak for free from the Cydia repo. Add bubble, burst, dors, blinds, card, alternate spin, and dozens more animations. Using Lua scripts, you may create your own animations.

  1. Xen HTML tinkering

Xen HTML is a free iOS jailbreak hack that allows you to completely customize the appearance of your device’s Lockscreen and Homescreen. Install HTML and JavaScript widgets from the Cydia repo that can be dragged and dropped on a specified screen in the app Settings. iOS 9.0 – 12.4 are supported by XenHTML.

  1. Asteroid tinkering

Asteroid is an iOS jailbroken program that allows you to show live weather information in the background of your smartphone. The modification enables you to use a custom Weather app icon, show Live weather animation on the Home screen and Lock screen, and utilize an iOS 12-style Lock screen welcome, among other things.

  1. Batchomatic tinkering

Batchomatic is a free jailbreak program that lets you batch install all tweaks, add repositories, save.deb files, alter preferences, and host files. The modification works with Cydia, Zebra, and Sileo and may save you a lot of time when configuring new devices.

32. Docky modification

Docky is a free jailbreak hack that lets you personalize the dock, enable double docking, expandable docking, endless docking, and background transparency. There are two dock types available: iPhone X style (on earlier iPhones) and old iPhone style (on newer iPhones) (on iPhone X and similar).

33. Taille modification

Taille is a free jailbreak modification by iOS developer MTAC that adds an option to the system to check the storage occupancy of any loaded app by using a simple 3D Touch (or Haptic Touch when appropriate) motion on the relevant icon of the chosen app. Taille shows the App Size in MB on the 3D Touch menu.

  1. ShortLook modification

While your iPhone’s display is switched off, the ShortLook paid iOS hack displays a gorgeous full-screen notice on the Lock Screen. It provides support for system apps like Messages and Mail. When the device is lifted or touched, the Lock Screen is instantly available.

  1. Jellyfish tinkering

Jellyfish paid Cydia modification that refreshes the Lock screen with a lovely time, highlighting both the time and the date. The date is colored by your wallpaper, producing a blended aesthetic while maintaining readability. When you attach a charger, the percentage of charge is also shown.

  1. Boxy tinkering

The Boxy jailbreak Cydia tweak is a powerful tool that allows you to use Icon layout on your device. Adjust the distance between each icon and the screen’s edges, as well as the distance between each icon. The icon arrangement is completely customisable, with a number of choices available in the app settings.

  1. ImprovedCCXI tinkering

BetterCCXI is a paid ATWiiks modification for all iOS jailbroken devices that allows you to modify the size of a few iPhone Control Centre modules. You may access all possible size choices from the tweak settings. Choose whether you want the module to be presented in one row or in any other view.

  1. GPSCheat modification

GPSCheat is a powerful program for iOS jailbroken users that allows you to modify the current GPS locations for all applications on your iPhone, including Facebook, Tinder, Twitter, Badoo, and others. To modify the Earth GPS coordinates on any iOS device, you may choose from a number of options.

  1. Sonus12 tinkering

Sonus12 is a fantastic volume HUD replacement (compatible with iOS 12 – 10) that allows you to customize the look, motion, size, and location. Modify the slider/height bar’s and width, vertical position (x-position), horizontal position (y-position), overlay padding, and overlay margin.

  1. Moonshine tinkering

Moonshine is a Cydia iOS modification that lets you show an animation while charging your smartphone, transform your iPhone into a nightstand, and display alerts with a fast glimpse before swiping for additional data straight on the lockscreen. Configure all Moonshine Settings, such as animations, colors, and brightness.

  1. Changes to ChargeAnimations

ChargeAnimations adorns your Lock Screen with gorgeous charging animation. You may adjust the backdrop color, activate always on / loop mode, conceal the stock battery, enable sleep after animation, and enable SpringBoard animations from the tweak settings.

  1. Eclipse 12 tinkering

Eclipse 12 is a strong jailbreak hack that allows you to change your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to a real dark mode theme. The mod provides a plethora of settings, including compatibility for several popular App Store applications. Eclipse Dark Mode is available for $1.50 from the official Cydia repo.

  1. Sleepytime tinkering

Sleepizy is a Cydia hack that lets you set a timer to cease playing music in popular applications like as Music, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Control Center may be used to configure the settings. It has a lot of helpful features and is completely customizable.

  1. Noctis12 modification

Noctis12 is a popular jailbreak modification for iOS 12 that enables you to go to Dark Mode. Widgets, Notifications, Dock, 3D Touch, Menus, Media Player, Alerts, Popups, and many stock applications are supported by the app. Noctis12 is jam-packed with system fixes, segments, and other goodies.

  1. DLEasy tinkering

DLEasy is an iOS modification that enables you to download photographs and videos from social applications. Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr, Tweetbot, Twitter, VK, WhatsApp, and YouTube are all supported by the iOS patch. Long tap to save a movie or a picture to your iPhone.

46. PortraitXI tinkering

PortraitXI is a paid jailbreak hack that enables Portrait mode for iPhones with single lenses and adds the option to increase picture size to 2500px. On iOS 11 and iOS 13, use the default Camera app to take images with bokeh effects. Download the PortraitXI tweak from the Cydia Repository.

  1. FloatingDockPlus modification

FloatingDockPlus is one of the greatest jailbreak modifications for iOS 13 available. By enabling this change, you will have greater control over your iPhone’s dock and multitasking functions. Create dock motions to activate Notification Center, Control Center, App Switcher, reachability, and lock your smartphone.

48. HideStatusBarItemsPro modification

HideStatusBarItemsPro is a simple solution for managing all icons in the status bar menu. HideStatusBarItemsPro, as the name says, allows you to conceal nearly everything that typically appears in the iOS status bar interface. The hack works with iOS 11 and iOS 12.

  1. HomePlus modification

HomePlus is a dynamic, live icon setup tool for all Apple devices, even those running iOS 13. The modification has many of the same features as Cuboid or Boxy. Hide icon labels and badges, adjust vertical and horizontal padding, establish a new offset, and so on.

50. Ringer 13 tinkering

KingPuffDaddi’s Ringer13 jailbreak hack introduces the iOS 13-inspired ringer HUD to iOS 12. In the most recent iOS version, the developer produced an amazing duplicate of the default control. You may also enable the option to utilize the same banner-styled volume HUD.

51. IconTweak

IconTweak tweak is a free software developed by ichitaso that allows you to alter the 3D Touch choices presented for applications. The tweak is quite useful, and you can enable it simply swiping up on the app icon. A new menu appears, with choices such as Open in Filza, Rename the program, Set Budgets, Copy BundleID, and so on.

  1. LockWidgets customization

LockWidgets is a simple addon that displays popular widgets right on the lockscreen. Without having to swipe over to the Today tab, you can pin your favorite iOS widgets right to the Lock screen. LockWidgets is compatible with all jailbroken iOS 11 – iOS 13 devices.

  1. Modifications to complications

The Complications update adds gorgeously animated widgets to the iPhone lock screen. The widgets refresh throughout the day without draining the battery. Display all relevant information at a glance. Tap a complication to launch its app and receive more information. Price: $.1.99.

  1. ReachIt modification

ReachIt adds a currently playing music interface to the Reachability interface’s open screen area. ReachIt is available in two modes. The full-featured mode shows the album artwork, song chronology, volume slider, and so on. Minimalist mode shows just the essential controls as well as the music title and artist.

  1. WindowHUD customization

WindowHUD is a free patch that adds a Control Center option that allows you to rotate your iPhone screen horizontally. HUD is a transparent display that displays data without needing viewers to look aside from their current position. WindowHUD may be used to show the HUD picture on the windshield of a vehicle.

  1. SimpleLS2 modification

SimpleLS 2 adds new designs and widgets to the iOS lock screen, as well as the Always On Display functionality. Select one of two lock screen designs, custom widgets such as a weather widget, sunrise/sunset, step count, activity ring, or no widgets at all.

  1. Amandus tinkering

Amandus is a free Apple Pay payment patch that adds a simple UI. Muirey03’s patch shows the payment as a banner-style pop-up at the top of the screen rather than the full-screen interface created by Apple. The patch was designed for iPhones that support Apple Pay.

  1. MilkyWay2 modification

MilkyWay2 is a free iOS 13 addon made by @akusio RR that allows jailbroken iPhones and iPads to run several programs at once. Version 2nd is only compatible with iOS 13 and does not need any settings. Enable multitasking and run numerous applications in tiny windows.

  1. Volumizer adjustment

The Volumizer modification enables you to enhance the volume in some applications while keeping others at a lesser level. iOS does not provide volume-tuning options by default, but if you jailbreak your iPhone, you may install Volumizer by iOS developer SynnyG and enhance the iOS volume level experience.

  1. A spicy twist

Choicy is a powerful tweak configurator that works with iOS 10 to iOS 13. The tweak provides the option to set tweak injection for particular programs and daemons. The setup works by specifying either a blacklist of adjustments to avoid loading or a whitelist of tweaks to load solely.

  1. Safari Plus customization

The greatest Safari browser extension for iOS firmware is Safari Plus. This free jailbreak modification for iOS mobile browser includes important features such as download manager, gestures, biometric protection, and much more. Safari Plus may be downloaded from Cydia Repo for iOS 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

  1. Changes to the Barmoji

On iPhone X, the Barmoji hack adds a selectable emoji view between the globe and dictations buttons. Instead of showing the empty space, this is a wonderful way to utilize the additional space on the iPhone X keyboard. Emojis may be replaced in the text prediction box on non-iPhone X devices.

  1. Changes to assistability

Assistability13 is a multitasking program that inserts an AssistiveTouch-inspired menu into the Reachability window, making better use of the available space. It is available for $1.50. After applying the modification, the Settings app gains a new configuration panel.

  1. ForceInPicture modification

The ForceInPicture jailbreak modification allows Picture in Picture mode on all unsupported devices running iOS 9 or iOS 13 software. It provides the ability to play any video from the built-in player in Picture in Picture mode. ForceInPicture is 100% free and can be downloaded from the Cydia Repo.

  1. Velox Reloaded mod

Velox Reloaded is a jailbreak modification by @ApexTweaks that adds new system widgets with straightforward capabilities right to the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad using the same grid-space that is used to show app icons. Your favorite iOS widgets may be pinned to the home screen.

  1. DockX modification

DockX is a free add-on that improves the default iOS keyboard for notched smartphones (X, XS, XR, 11, etc.) running iOS 12 – iOS 13. Install this patch to add shortcuts to the iPhone X keyboard’s additional space. Furthermore, the patch works with KeyboardX, which adds compatibility for older devices (not notched).

  1. KernBypass modification

KernBypass is a new jailbreak detection bypass tool for iOS 13 that enables you to run applications that are attempting to avoid working on jailbroken devices by utilizing unc0ver or checkra1n tools. The modification is only compatible with A7-A13 smartphones running iOS 13. KernBypass operates on the kernel level and might be unstable.

  1. Scorpion tinkering

Scorpion reduces the size of your iOS device’s basic call interface to around the size of a notification banner, guaranteeing minimal intrusion while dealing with your applications. Furthermore, Scorpion enables programs like as WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype, and others in addition to the iPhone’s native Phone app.

  1. Reloaded Velox

Velox Reloaded is a jailbreak modification by @ApexTweaks that adds new system widgets with straightforward capabilities right to the Home screen of your iPhone or iPad using the same grid-space that is used to show app icons. Install the Velox tweak and pin your favorite iOS widgets on the home screen.

  1. YouTube Music Reborn modification

YouTube Music Reborn is a free jailbreak modification developed by @SarahH12099 that includes popular features. Some premium features may be activated natively by the add-on without the need for a recurring membership charge. The patch adds a new preference pane to the Settings app. You may also use audio-only mode.

  1. Nougat modification

The Nougat patch adds three new Notification Center designs to your iPhone that are inspired by Android smartphones. The preference pane placed in the Settings app allows you to move between Pixel, Nougat, and Oreo interfaces. To give quick shortcuts, the main panel is divided into four parts.

  1. Various alterations

Multipla tweak is a new dock replacement that adds additional capabilities to the Dock’s current functionality. Among them are the ability to change the icon limit, pick widgets for your Dock, customize animation for widget switching, conceal Dock features (page dots, page labels, grabber), and much more.

  1. Artistry refinement

Artistry is a free jailbreak patch that alters the Spotify app for iOS to show song artworks for all Spotify playlists. The modification does not add any new functionality. Because there is no preference pane loaded with the tweak, if you want to deactivate it, you must uninstall Artistry from Cydia.

  1. YouTube Reborn modification

@SarahH12099’s YouTube Reborn modification adds essential features to the default YouTube app. On your iOS devices, use this tweak to block video advertising and allow background playback. You may also configure the YouTube app to deactivate double-tap to skip, always display the player bar, prevent video end screen popups, enable HD streaming over cellular connection, and disable age restriction.

Did we overlook an intriguing modification that wasn’t included in our list of the top Cydia tweaks for iOS? Let us know in the comments what your favorite jailbroken iOS system extensions are.

Questions and Answers

Where can I get Cydia tweaks?

All Cydia-installed customizations are saved in the /Library/PreferencesBundles/ directory. You may go to this place by using the Filza app. Most tweak options can be modified from the pane accessible in the Settings app, although it is possible that adjustments will not appear in settings.

Are Cydia tweaks available for free?

Cydia tweaks are released as either free or paid depending on the tweak developer’s decision. The tweak description page will always include information about the pricing and licensing.

Unable to remove a Cydia tweak?

If you are having trouble removing a tweak from the system, you may uninstall it using a terminal command. You might also try it with a different package manager.

How do I save Cydia tweaks?

Using a free Batchomatic plugin is the simplest and most convenient method to backup any Cydia customizations. It enables you to backup tweaks, preferences for all tweaks, and Cydia sources.

Which Cydia modifications drain the battery the most?

There is no Cydia modification designed to deplete the battery of your iPhone. If you are experiencing battery troubles, just uninstall any recent tweaks or check the CPU utilization using the CocoaTop program. Inform the developer if you notice any unusual battery behavior. It was not planned, and it is most likely a memory leak that can be repaired.

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