Have you just jailbroken your iOS or iPadOS 13 or 14 device and want to make some minor tweaks to the mobile operating system without spending a lot of money? If that describes you, we have the right solution for you.

Uranium is a free and recently released jailbreak modification by iOS developer FissionDev that enables users to personalize their mobile operating system by providing a plethora of choices for customizing the iOS and iPadOS user interface.

We are all aware that there are several all-in-one jailbreak modifications available that allow you to personalize your mobile operating system, but finding one that is reasonably priced or fully free is difficult. Uranium is one such gem, and we are certain that you will like this jailbreak modification.

Following the installation of the Uranium jailbreak tweak, a new preference pane in the Settings app will be provided where users can simply change the tweak parameters to suit their requirements. You may find the following choices here:

  • Remove the backdrop of the Dock from the Home Screen.
  • Hide the Lock Screen’s Quick Action buttons.
  • On jailbroken smartphones, remove the Home Bar.
  • Remove the Control Center grabber that is shown on the Lock Screen.
  • Hide the page dots on the Home Screen.
  • Remove the app icon labels from the Home Screen.
  • Remove the “swipe to unlock” wording from the Lock Screen.
  • Remove the ‘No Older Notifications’ wording from the Notification Center.
  • Remove the Face ID padlock seen on the Lock Screen.
  • Remove the App Library from the Home Screen of iOS 14.
  • When the device is linked to a charger, the MagSafe charging animation is always shown.

As you may have seen, Uranium has a variety of handy settings, such as the ability to eliminate unnecessary components, activate the MagSafe charging animation, and much more. In fact, it contains a functionality from another newly published jailbreak hack called ByeQuickAction. Uranium, although being a free jailbreak modification, provides a lot. So, if you’re seeking for a few simple changes on your smartphone, fresh jailbreakers may also obtain Uranium.

Do you want to check out the new Uranium modification? If so, you may get this jailbreak modification for free from the Packix repository by using your preferred package manager. This modification is presently only compatible with jailbroken iOS 13 and 14 devices.

Did you enjoy the sound of the new Uranium jailbreak tweak? In the comments area below, tell us what you liked most about this jailbreak hack!

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