The Rotation Lock function on an iPhone is one of the most helpful and often utilized features. This function is utilized for a variety of purposes, but one of the most common is video consumption, since it guarantees that the orientation of the film does not alter when you lie down on your bed.

Although the Control Center toggle is the fastest and simplest method to toggle this function, launching Control Center will break your video playing. Shouldn’t Apple make it easy for users to activate Rotation Lock by including a button on the video interface?

We can’t do much about what Apple should do, but we can assist with this issue using a recently published, free jailbreak modification called AV Orientation Lock by iOS developer Hius. This jailbreak hack adds a dedicated Rotation Lock button, as well as a volume HUD bar, to the top-right corner of the iOS’ native video player interface.

The AV Orientation Lock button, like the Rotation Lock button, flashes red when activated and gray when deactivated. This way, while you’re viewing a video, you’ll always know what mode your iPhone is in, and it’ll also look nice. And the greatest thing is that it also works in portrait mode!

It’s worth noting that AV Orientation Lock only works with Apple’s native video player and cannot be utilized with third-party video player interfaces like YouTube. So, although it is a relatively restricted jailbreak modification, it is still useful for iPhone users. And who knows, maybe the developer may add support for third-party video player interfaces in the future to this jailbreak hack.

If you want to install the new AV Orientation Lock modification on your phone, you may do so for free from the Packix repository using their preferred package manager. This jailbreak modification is only compatible with iOS 13 and 14.

What do you think about putting a Rotation Lock button on the video player interface so you can quickly reach it? Tell us in the comments section below!

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