TechPowerUp’s GPU-Z for Windows is available for download. GPU-Z is a free program that displays comprehensive information about your video card and GPU.

Install GPU-Z.

GPU-Z is a free utility that displays precise information about your video card and GPU. The application works with famous card manufacturers such as NVIDIA, ATI, and Intel. GPU-Z updates add new graphic cards to the database.

GPU-Z provides basic information about video cards such as graphic card name, manufacturer, supported technologies, memory available, BIOS version, installed drivers, the frequency of GPU and CPU built-in memory, date of issue, type of memory, production technology, codenamed CPU, supported DirectX version, bus interface, and much more. GPU-Z does not need installation.

GPU-Z shows data gathered from sensors installed on the graphics card. Among the statistics are the current operating frequencies of the GPU and RAM, the real core temperature, the speed of the cooling system, the presently utilised memory, and the voltage of specific card parts. Furthermore, the program enables you to effortlessly backup BIOS and validate CPU and RAM overclocking settings.

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