XnView Extended is a robust picture reader that supports over 500 image file types. Get XnView Extended for Windows.

Obtain XnView Extended

XnView Extended is a sophisticated image reader that supports over 500 image file types such as HEIF, APNG, EPS, GIF, ICO, PNG, JPG, BMP, PSD, RAW, BPG, and WebP. To capture photos, XnView now has a handy Screen Capture module as well as Windows TWAIN and WIA interfaces.

The application has metadata support and editing for IPTC, Exif, and XMP, as well as the ability to convert graphics to over 70 formats, compare pictures, operate in full screen mode, search for duplicate images, bulk rename files, JPEG lossless transformations, and apply effects to photographs.

XnView Extended additionally supports major music and video file types. Slide Shows, Web Pages, Contact Sheets, Video Thumbnails, Gallery, File Listings, and Strip of Images may all be created using XnView Extended.

The potential of XnView Extended do not stop here. Lossless resizing, rotation, and cropping are all possible with this program. Crop and rotate (jpeg), alter brightness and contrast, establish auto levels and auto contrast, change color depth and palette, and add filters and effects.

XnView Extended, as a full-featured browser, has functions for reviewing photographs, calatog library, searching and filtering files, creating a slide show on CD, and so on.

There is also the ability to perform software tasks from the command line instead of launching the browser’s graphical user interface.

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