Download AltServer, as well as the most recent and prior versions of the desktop program. AltServer is a Windows and macOS IPA signing platform.

Install AltServer

AltServer is a Windows and macOS IPA signing infrastructure that allows users to sideload the AltStore software on compatible iOS devices. This software is the only functioning alternative to Cydia Impactor that is compatible with iOS 13.5. Using this program, you can sideload practically any IPA package for free.

The free development certificate enables you to install up to three applications per device and sign a maximum of ten IDs. After signing, you must connect your iPhone to your PC and restart the installation procedure every 7 days. AltServer will sign IPA packages and deliver them back to AltStore for device installation.

You can use AltServer to re-sign and install any program with your Apple ID, upload applications over WiFi, refresh apps in the background to keep them from expiring (when on the same WiFi as AltStore), and handle all IPA updates for Windows and macOS. Compatible with iOS 12 and iOS 13 firmware.

Furthermore, AltStore allows you to deactivate signed programs, enabling you to choose between apps (up to 10) without being limited to three. Users who have jailbroken their device may also install AltDaemon, an on-device signing daemon that operates as a local AltServer, enabling AltStore to install programs without the need for a computer.

AltServer is now available as an open-source project on GitHub. If you are a developer, go to the branch and look at the source code to learn how this software works. It employs several novel approaches to sign IPA files for iOS 12 and iOS 13.

AltServer Linux is now unavailable. Download links are provided here for all AltServer versions that have been published for Windows and macOS. AltServerPatcher may be used to install IPAs on earlier iOS versions. On iOS 9+, this hack allows you to sideload jailbreak tools like unc0ver, Phoenix, or h3lix.

AltServer now supports iOS 14 as of version 1.4 beta 1. Only the macOS version is currently available for download.

Install AltServer

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