The iOS app for Twitter now allows you to make GIFs. Although users have been able to tweet GIFs for some time, the new option to create your own GIFs is much appreciated.

In today’s post, we’ll walk you through the procedures for creating personalized Gifs using the Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad.

As a result, without further ado.

Let us get started…

What exactly are GIFs?

You’ve most likely used GIFs before. GIF is an abbreviation for graphics interchange format, and it is a quick animated image that can be readily shared on many social networking sites.

GIFs are popular because they enable individuals to make animations and responses without using video.

How can you make a GIF using the Twitter App for iPhone?

Although it has been possible to share GIFs in tweets for some time, the option to create bespoke GIFs inside the app is new.

To make a GIF, utilize the iPhone’s camera interface. If you’ve ever tweeted a video or a snapshot, you’re probably acquainted with this procedure.

  • On your iPhone, launch the Twitter app.
  • In the bottom right, click the “Compose Twitter” button.
  • When you tap the camera, the GIF choice will appear in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on the GIF, then the Register buttons.
  • You may use the Capture button to record a brief clip (a few seconds) for usage as a GIF.
  • Tap on the single or double arrows to record to choose the kind of GIF you want. The single arrow simply moves forward, but the double arrow moves forward and backward.
  • When you’re happy with the outcome, press Use. To re-record your GIF, tap Retake.

That’s all. You are now ready to share your own GIF with the rest of the world! As of March 2022, the functionality was not accessible for Android users.

It will, however, most likely be accessible shortly for iOS users. It’s also not accessible for iPad owners, who will have to wait for an update.

You may save the GIF to your pictures collection and use it again later if necessary. Twitter has updated its iOS app with new features such as a downvote option and a sort by reply tool, among others.

It’s fantastic to see the app expanding its capabilities. These should be accessible on Android and the iPad as well.

Method of a Third-Party

There are various ways to generate GIFs and then share them on Twitter or other social media platforms. This is how you can make a GIF using third-party programs like Tenor and GIPHY.

  • Download the GIPHY iPhone app or visit the website.
  • Sign up for GIPHY right now by clicking the “Create” button in the upper right.
  • GIPHY will provide a selection of stickers and effects for you to use in your GIF. The backdrop may also be changed.
  • After you’ve finished applying effects, press the record button to begin adding stickers. Finally, press the arrow to make a GIF.
  • You may now choose Upload to GIPHY and input tags to search for it.

After you’ve uploaded it, go to Twitter and click the “Create Tweet” button. Then, hit the GIF button and type your GIF’s name into the search box.

On the Twitter app, this is how you make GIFs. This function is presently accessible exclusively to iOS users, but it will soon be available to Android users as well.


That’s how you make personalized Gifs with the iOS Twitter app.

I hope you enjoyed the article. We’ll be returning soon with more fun hacks and lessons, so stay tuned. Good day, and stay tuned!

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