Have you just purchased a new set of AirPods?

In such case, we’ve produced a list of helpful hints to assist you optimize the efficiency of your new purchase.

1. To keep your AirPods secure, use Find My AirPods.

Find My integration is required for Apple’s new AirPods 3 and Pro. If they are lost or stolen, you may use the Find My App to locate them. If the battery lasts, AirPods may utilize the Find My network to find misplaced AirPods everywhere they are discovered.

Also, if your AirPods are lost or stolen while you are out and about, you should enable “Notify when Left Behind.”

To activate your AirPods, use the Find My app and tap on them. Click the button to toggle the “Notify when Left Behind” option. The Find My features of the AirPods Max are also accessible.

2. Turning on or off an automated device

Apple’s AirPods automatically connect to any device that is in use. When you go from your iPhone to your Mac, your AirPod connection will swap between the two devices automatically.

Although automatic switching may be quite handy, there are times when you may not want it to be turned on. For example, if it changes between devices inadvertently, you may prevent automatic switching. These are the actions to take:

  • Connect your iPhone to your AirPods.
  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Tap Bluetooth, then choose the I next to your AirPods from the list.
  • Select “Connect to This iPhone.”
  • To disable automatic switching, choose “When Last Connected to This iPhone” and then select “Automatically” to enable it.

When your iPhone is in use, your AirPods will connect immediately. Your AirPods may be heard in your ears if you have “Automatically” activated.

If you choose “When Last Connected To This iPhone,” AirPods will connect to the last connected iPhone rather than the one currently in use. This functionality is compatible with AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, and AirPods Max.

If you dislike automatic switching and want to deactivate it entirely, you must do it for each device that is linked to your iCloud Account. Because Apple controls it each device, there is no master switch.

3. Enable Notifications for Announcements.

Using Siri integration and iOS 15, AirPods can inform you of all incoming notifications.
The following are the steps to make it work:

  • Launch the Settings app.
  • Select “Notifications.”
  • Tap the “Announce Notifications” button.
  • Select “Announce Notifications.”
  • Select “Headphones”

When you have both Announce Alerts (and headphones) switched on, Siri will show notifications from the applications you choose when you insert your AirPods. You’ll be allowed to respond. Siri will automatically read and respond to any text messages you receive.

You may choose which applications you want to get announcement alerts from so that you obtain critical information without Siri bombarding you with notifications.

4. Examine the battery life of your Apple AirPods.

There are several methods to check the battery life of your AirPods.

When linked to your smartphone, AirPods may display the battery level. On an iPhone or iPad, you may also utilize the “Battery” widget.

Siri will also inform you of how long your AirPods have been charging. Siri will provide battery life information if your AirPods are linked to your Apple Watch.

5. Control playback using the Force Sensor.

If you upgraded to the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro from the original AirPods 2 or AirPods 2, or if you are new to AirPods, you may be unfamiliar.

A force sensor is incorporated into the stem of the AirPods 3 or Pro. Using varied pushes, you may utilize the force sensor to control media playing.

  • Single-button audio play/pause
  • Double-press to advance.
  • Forward-triple press without skipping
  • When you get a call, press the button. Any incoming calls should be returned.
  • To end a call, double-tap it.
  • Siri may be activated by holding down and pressing.

The gesture of long-press force on AirPods Pro may be customized. Siri or Noise Control may be enabled. The AirPods 3 lack Active Noise Cancellation and can only be used for the press-and-hold gesture with Siri.


That concludes our specific advice for AirPods owners.

I hope you enjoyed the article. We’ll be returning soon with more fun hacks and lessons, so stay tuned. Good day, and stay tuned!

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