Students who want to accomplish their assignments might be harmed by technology. It results in an inability to efficiently manage time. However, you may utilize the same technology to remain focused by using time management applications.

7 College Student Time Management Apps

The applications aid in increasing productivity, organizing college routines, and managing assignments. They will also assist you in avoiding procrastination. You may utilize time management applications that are affordable or free to download online. Here are seven time management applications to consider.

Task delegation

One of the most efficient strategies to manage time is to delegate duties. Essays and other projects are stressful because of the short deadlines. You may outsource your tasks to someone else who has the necessary expertise and abilities. This allows you to manage your time more efficiently and finish activities more quickly.

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Evernote allows you to manage your schedules, research, and notes all in one spot. This software syncs between devices and allows you to add notes to audio files, PDFs, and photos. Create projects in Evernote and add reminders for critical deadlines and campus activities.

Evernote is also a wonderful software for delegating and recording critical activities. You may receive a 50% discount on the personal plan, which costs $7.99 per month. The monthly cost of the professional package is $14.99.

Booster of Concentration

By using the Pomodoro approach, Focus Booster may assist you in avoiding distractions. You work and take small breaks between sessions using the app. Your objective is to keep track of your productivity so you can see how your day went.

Focus Booster is extremely adjustable and an excellent tool for balancing daily routines. It implements the Pomodoro method automatically by dividing your items into intervals. It improves concentration and productivity. The app is compatible with macOS, Android, and Windows.

Student Planner for MyHomework

This is a fantastic program for all learning levels, from high school to university. MyHomework Student Planner provides you with a calendar to help you keep track of future exams, assignments, and other college activities.

It also has a homework widget for synchronizing assignments and getting vital notifications. Students that utilize this program are not caught off guard by deadlines. It may save your life and increase your productivity on several occasions.

Apps that prevent distractions

You may find yourself checking social media every few minutes at times. Perhaps some tweets are appearing on your phone and tempting you to open them. To prevent being addicted to social media, you may need to acquire distraction-blocking applications.

This will also assist in avoiding visiting distracted websites. Choose the StayFocused app if you use Google Chrome. This is an excellent software for limiting your time spent on social networking and time-wasting websites. To assess the degree of your phone use, download the Anti-Social app on your phone.


RescueTime tracks how and where you spend your online time. This productivity program examines all of your everyday actions, allowing you to keep track of your school work. RescueTime runs in the background of your computer and monitors all of your internet actions.

The goal is to go through the activities and score which ones seem to be “extremely distracting” and which ones appear to be “very productive.”

This may assist you in setting objectives and tracking the progress of your initiatives.

Calendar on Google

Gmail and Google Classroom users will like Google Calendar. It populates your calendar with items and events and allows you to create critical reminders. It is very simple to color-code events and tasks using the app.

It might be challenging to remember everything when attending university. You will become a more successful planner and avoid missing deadlines by using Google Calendar. You may quickly change your schedules by accessing the calendar with several online browsers.


The time management applications you choose are determined by the aim you wish to attain. However, all of the tools mentioned above will increase your productivity and help you avoid missing critical deadlines. Some are free, while others need a membership. Avoid technological deceit and concentrate on what is really important.

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