What’s new in Apple iOS 15 for photographers?

What’s New in Apple iOS 15 for Photographers

Here is the new features in iOS 15 for photographers. For many, Labor Day weekend is the beginning of the fourth quarter, with Apple, Google, Amazon and many other new products. There is also a free upgrade to the new Apple iOS operating system that is available to the public for download in a few weeks.

The Marquee iOS 15 features a number of new features that photographers can look forward to, including the ability to view entertainment on FaceTime and a digital version of your driver ID.

I was downloading a beta version of iOS 15 and playing with it, so I would like to point out some cool features that we photographers (anyone who takes photos on the iPhone) thinks they will enjoy.


If you are like most people, you like to shoot videos and photos from your smartphone but you will never have the hassle of sitting down to edit them. Apple knows this and has made many attempts to create automated sizzle reels by our tours, friends and family and you will rarely see if you are like me.

So with the new iOS, Apple has enhanced its transitions, animation cards and collage styles for a “cinematic feel”. You can add licensed songs from your Apple Music subscription to the soon-to-be-released movie or continue to use the Apple Canned Library.

Newer memories look better and, unlike previous iOS versions, are easier to share via social media and email. Best of all, you can now make minor edits to videos, automatically disable selected song suggestions and delete photos you don’t need to show that Apple has added them to your product.

I think it’s a question of whether people can do much with them, but Apple is getting the most publicity for memories so far. Facebook and Google generate automated videos from our images and I never bother with them. They are too much cheese and I have other things to do. Can Apple change that? Suspicious, but I would like to promote.

Live Text

Apple has added the ability to copy text from a photo and send words to an email or document, which can be very useful if you take recipes or similar pictures. (Google added this to Android many years ago. Just say it.)

Text Photos

The most useful feature is very simple. How much do you hate trying to save photos that send you messages?

Old way: put your finger on the photo and wait for the save button to appear. Then suppose it causes the camera in the photo app to roll over.

New method: The iMessages app has a section next to the photo and a new “shared with you” album that sends text messages to your camera roll.

Info Please

The new feature will probably not play much at first, as it is not fully ready for prime time, so you can click the info tab below the photo to reveal downloads of artwork, landmarks, pets and flowers. During my research, I was able to find a breed of dog as well as a flower as shown in the photo. Some landmarks appeared and others did not.


Most importantly, for photographers, we finally get the Exif information listed in the camera roll, which gives us an idea of ​​what iPhone lens we used, what our automatic exposure is, and the file name of the photo. This basic information was not available in previous iOS versions and it really helps when I need to search for a photo on my computer. It is more useful to know what it is called than to look for that photo on the Manhattan beach.

Apple historically releases the new iPhone about a week before the release of the new iPhone. Bloomberg has set September 14 as the deadline for Apple to announce and release its 2021 iPhone lineup.

Last year iOS 14 was released on Wednesday 14th September, so I’ll get out of here and predict the final release of iOS 15 on Wednesday 15th September.

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