Download the 30 day trial version of Directory Opus for Windows. Directory Opus 12 is a straightforward file manager with dual-panel and single-window modes.

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Directory Opus is a simple application for managing files and folders on Windows. This app’s main feature is the ability to adjust practically any aspect of the user interface. You may change the icons in the menu or the background color of the file list.

The file manager lets you operate in one of two modes: dual-panel and single-window, as seen in Windows Explorer. The program also provides the option of replacing the system’s default file manager. Folder locations may be linked to bookmarks, substantially speeding up folder browsing, and a built-in browser gives a rapid overview of typical documents and graphical files.

Directory Opus can display the contents of folders and print the results, synchronize selected locations, edit metadata of popular files (EXIF, MP3, PDF, etc.), read file archives ZIP, 7Z, and RAR, burn data on CD / DVD, queuing operations, finding duplicate files, converting graphics, color folders for faster localization, batch files renaming names, folder tabs allow you to keep multiple folders open and switch quickly between them, and metadata or filter and sort data

Directory Opus is available in two editions: Light and Pro, with both in a single installation. The Pro version adds synchronization, file duplication detection, split and join tools, integrated FTP support, native support for portable devices, and support for complicated multi-line scripts.

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