If you presently use a jailbreak that makes use of the Sileo package manager, I’m sure you enjoy great aesthetics on your device that mimic the appearance and feel of the most recent versions of iPadOS or iOS.

But what if you wanted to modify the look? What are you going to do about it? You might either petition the Sileo staff to modify it or use a jailbreak modification to personalize the appearance.

As a result, we bring you to Uki, a freshly published and free jailbreak modification by iOS developer biD3V that will assist in resolving the aforementioned problem. Users may cause the Sileo package management to float the package headers on a package description page with this jailbreak hack. According to the inventor of this jailbreak tweak, the term uki is ideal for this jailbreak modification since it basically translates to float.

After installing this jailbreak update, a special preference pane in the Settings app is introduced, allowing users to set the many options here to suit their preferences. You will discover several choices here, such as:

  • Allow or deactivate Uki’s compact mode to decrease margin widths inside the floating header.
  • To reduce the corner radius of these floating headers, allow or forbid tiny corners.

So, is Uki an upgrade to the native Sileo package representation interface? Because this is a subjective topic concerning aesthetics, and everyone has their own tastes and choices, there is no right or incorrect response. Essentially, someone may appreciate the way it appears, while others may not.

One thing to keep in mind with Uki is that it is presently only compatible with the Sileo app’s public release version. So, if you’re running the Sileo beta software, this jailbreak modification won’t function until the developer upgrades the tweak and adds support for it.

If you want to give Uki a go, you can acquire it for free from biD3V’s repository using their preferred package manager. Keep in mind that this modification is just for the Sileo package management software, which comes pre-installed on a select unique jailbreaks.

Those who aren’t already using the biD3V repository may add it to their chosen package manager by going to this URL:


Would you want Uki to redesign your Sileo app, or are you satisfied with the way it now looks? Tell us in the comments section below!

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