iOS 15 – How to Screen Share on FaceTime

iOS 15 – How to Screen Share on FaceTime & Watch Movies with Friends!, After releasing iOS 15 to public, there has a lot of new amazing features containing with that update.

In this article, you can learn how to use share play. Share play allows you to watch movies and listen to music with friends. And how to share your screen via FaceTime.


  • iPhon Or iPad
  • Both devices do need to be on iOS/iPadOS 15

Screen sharing in iOS 15 is very simple and very effective. Once you’re on a FaceTime call is press this button right underneath of the end button on the menu bar right. Once you tap that, you can see Share my screen button.

Screen Share on iOS 15 and beta
iOS 15 screen share

Tap on that, then you will see a little countdown right there. And then your screen appear on the other person iPhone.

Now your screen will be blurred out at First because you are on the face time call but once you go back to the home screen on the other person’s phone you will see that you could see your screen right there you could also move it.

You can also double tap to make it a little bigger. Person who is screen recording your own screen, you’re going to be able to operate on your screen as normal
you will see this little purple icon up in the top left so around the time it will turn purple that indicates that you are still screen recording, so you can go into the applications and just do your normal thing.

Note: You can screen share  YouTube videos, TikTok, Netflix, etc...

Keep in mind that your face will be showing at the same time if you have it selected. And also you can turn it off by right there.

How to stop Screen Sharing?

Tap on the status bar and then tap on the same icon that you started with, then you can see the screen sharing just turns off.

And also with iOS 15 you can see they include share play option.

iOS 15 Share Play

ios 15also includes a very awesome feature called share play

So this is going to allow you to have watch parties or album listening parties, and it basically plays the same media across both devices or multiple devices so that you can react together so to do

How to enable Share Play?

Step 1: Go into your iPhone settings

Step 2: Scroll down and find FaceTime, you can see the contact information.

Step 3: Find the section called “SharePlay” go and tap on that.

iOS 15 new feture Share play. how to use
Share Play on iOS 15

You can use toggle switch to turn on and off the fetures on Share Play.

Now while you’re on a FaceTime call just simply start playing a movie a show or music, and you will see it has stated on the other person’s phone.

App Supported at Launch:

  • Disney
  • ESPN
  • HBO Max
  • Hulu
  • MasterClass
  • Paramount+
  • Pluto TV
  • TikTok
  • Twitch

You can play and pause from one device. And you can see who resumed and who paused it. That will sync everything between the devices.

Also with the Share play apple release the smart volume

Smart volume comes in, so this is going to automatically adjust the audio, so you can hear your friends even during aloud scene, or you know a very action scene you’re going to be able to hear your friend sand the TV show or movie at the same time which is really neat.

iOS 15 Share Play Smart Volume apple iPhone
iOS 15 Share Play Smart Volume – by Apple Inc

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