iOS 15 great hidden features

iOS 15 new features

A new version of iOS every year. And every year with some great new features you can completely change the way you use your iPhone. But every new iOS release comes with a lot of small changes; Hidden features and modifications that you may not see if you do not know.

Update (08/26):

iOS 15 Developer Beta 6 has now been released with a number of minor enhancements, bug fixes, and feature updates that may take about 15 months to reach iOS 15 Gold Master. Below is the original text of the article with necessary updates.

iOS 14 hidden features

Apple introduced the latest version of its iOS operating system, iOS 15, in June 2021, and will be released later this fall. iOS 15 introduces new features for FaceTime calls, distraction reduction tools, a new notification experience, the addition of privacy features, complete redesigns for Safari, weather and maps, and more.

Here are the favorite little, hidden, features you can miss in iOS 15.

Translate anywhere

With iOS 15 you can convert text anywhere. In almost any app you can select text.Tap and hold a text block to show the text selection window and drag the start and end locations – just as you would copy / paste. You will see that there is a new translation option in the small popup menu (in some applications you may have to right-click to see more options).

Get real-time precipitation alerts

The weather app and widget are getting good upgrades in iOS 15, but we’re really interested in the next time it’s raining notifications.

To enable this, open the Weather app and tap the icon in the bottom right places list. Then tap the “More” button (three dots) in the top right and select Notifications. You can independently toggle notifications for your current location and each saved location.

Share with Siri

With iOS 15 you can finally ask Siri. Siri shares the content of the screen with the person using messages such as “Hey Siri, share this with [name]” (or say something like “Send this [name]”).Items such as pictures, web pages, Apple Music or podcasts, Apple news stories and map locations share real content (or a link to it). For content that Siri cannot share, it warns you that you can only send a screenshot – but Siri will automatically take that screenshot and send a message to that person.

Choose text size for each app

You may have been able to resize text across the system over time, but iOS 15 adds the ability to resize text based on a single application.

First, enable the Control Center feature. Open Settings, then tap Control Panel and scroll down to add text size control.

While you’re in the app, open the Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner) and select Text Size Control. You can resize the text with a large slider, and a toggle at the bottom of the screen lets you choose between all the apps or the app you are currently using.

Recovery and Legacy Contacts

IOS 15 has two new features that are acceptable to Apple. Account recovery contacts are people you trust to be able to reset your password if it is lost. They may not actually have access to your data, but they can send the reset code to that connection if you start a password reset but are locked from your own devices.

To activate it, open Settings and tap on your Apple ID at the top. Then select Password and Security, then select Account Recovery. You will see an option to add recovery contacts.

Scan Text 

Apple’s new live text feature allows you to select text in pictures from the camera or photo app, which can be really useful.

Tap to bring up text selection popups in any text insertion field, almost any application (just like copying / pasting). If no text is selected, you will see an option to scan the text with a small icon in square brackets with lines inside. If there are several options, you can see the icon alone.

Track your iPhone without power

With iOS 15, the deactivated iPhone actually goes into a very low power state, which keeps Bluetooth beacons enabled and turns your iPhone into an airtag.

Under the Slide to Power of Interface you will also see an ad that says “Find after iPhone discovery”.

Night Mode off

For the most part, the night mode of the camera app on modern iPhones is a great thing. Photos taken in very low light can be completely converted to it.

If the camera app detects a dark scene, the night mode is automatically activated, but sometimes you need that dramatic dark effect, and turning off night mode to get it is a hassle. You need to tap the night mode indicator and push the timer down to zero seconds.

Adjust video playback speed

Apps like YouTube have had variable speed tracks for a while, but not in the default iPhone video player. The default player in iOS 15 (used for most web videos and many applications) has backwards speed control.When playing a video again, tap the overflow menu (three dots) in the lower right, then you will be able to select up to five different background speeds.

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