How to save text messages on iOS

How to save text messages on iOS

Soon after, an Instagram follower came to me because she had lost all her text messages. It included a three-year thread with her husband, who recently passed away. You can think of heartache.

We have a lot to lose by storing everything we do and accessories. If you do not save the right thing, you will cause one crash of your files that will disappear forever. Tap or click for methods to see if your computer’s hard drive is failing.

When you look at your phone, there are messages that you do not want to lose. You can back them up using the native apps on your phone, or go with a third-party option.

One good option for iPhone owners

Your iCloud account is powerful. It keeps your messages, photos, mails, contacts, notes, passwords and more.

Messages in iCloud are automatically updated and can be viewed across all your devices. This means that if your iPhone is dusted, you will be able to receive your messages from your Mac, iPad or other Apple device with your Apple ID.

Note, when you delete a message or conversation from one device, it disappears completely from your account.

To ensure your messages are being saved, open Settings on your iPhone and tap your name. Then tap iCloud and toggle Messages On.

Tip: Need to organize your iPhone apps? You do not have to carry them all at once. Move several apps by long pressing on one app with one finger, then tap and drag another icon using another finger. Pack it in the first app you choose.

Method 2

If you do not want to rely on iCloud, iX Explorer lets you access, view and transfer music, messages, photos and files from any iOS device to any Mac or computer.

The IExplorer SMS server works with all types of text messages, including groups and messages containing media such as videos and images. iExplorer lets you text messages on your iPhone. Allows you to access and save a .PDF, .TXT or .CSV document to a Mac or PC.

Here’s how to transfer text messages from your iOS device to your computer:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iXplorer.
  • Click the Data tab and then the Messages button.
  • If you have not made an iTunes backup of this computer, you will be asked if you would like it. Select Yes. If you already have an iTunes backup and it is more than 24 hours old, iXplorer will ask if you would like to use the final backup or refresh it.
  • When IExplorer finishes loading your messages, select a dialog on the left panel. Use icons to filter by date range, show attachments, or export the entire conversation.

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