How to Save Instagram Videos/Images

How to Save Instagram Videos to iPhone Camera Roll (iOS 14 – iOS 15). In this tutorial, I’m going to be showing you how to download Instagram pictures Instagram videos and even Instagram stories straight to your camera roll without the need of a jailbreak or a computer.

This will download Instagram images and videos will be 4K quality.


  • iPhone or iPad which running iOS 14 or higher.
  • Installed shortcut application.
  • Official Instagram app.

How to download images & videos from Instagram?

Before you begin, check are there shortcut app is installed on your iPhone. The shortcut’s application so that should be installed by default but if you deleted it, or you just don’t see it just goes into the app store search for shortcuts and reinstall the application.

And also you will also need to allow untrusted shortcuts on shortcut app settings. If It doesn’t allow, follow the below guide to enable.

Step 1: Go in to iPhone Settings, scroll down and find shortcuts and tap on it.

Step 2: You could see allow untrusted Shortcuts there, but the first time it may gray out.

iOS Allow untrusted Shortcuts for Instagram video download.

Step 3: To get that ungrayed, we need to open our shortcut application and run shortcut you have or just go to the gallery and add one of shortcut and run it.

Step 4: Now we will be able to go ahead to enable the untrusted shortcuts inside the settings.

Step 5: Download Instagram downloader shortcut.

Step 6: Click on the get shortcut button

Step 7: Open downloaded shortcut and scroll down to the bottom, then tap on the add untrusted shortcut.

Add untrusted shortcut in the iPhone.

Step 8: Now open Instagram app on iPhone/iPad.

Step 9: To download media, select image and tap on the three dots up in the top right.

Step 10: Then press on the share and now you can see Instagram downloader shortcut there.

Instagram downloader shortcut

Step 11: Tap on that then you will see the popup, then tap on ok.

Step 12: Now go to iPhone photo section, and you can see that image was downloaded.

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