How to lock iPhone Applications

How to lock any App on iPhone with Face ID or Password, without jailbreak and installing any third party app. This is working on iOS 14 – iOS 15 beta 6 and future versions. Lock iPhone application

This is not a native feature of iOS, but in the future apple will add this functions to their iOS.

How to Lock iOS Apps with face ID
this works on iOS 14 - iOS 15
Lock iOS Apps with face ID

Follow below guide carefully to activate face unlock / password to selected application. – Lock iPhone application

Step 1: Open shortcut application on iPhone and navigate Automation section down at the bottom.

Step 2: Tap on the “+” icon on the Top right & Tap on Create Personal Automations.

Step 3: Scroll down and Select APP.

How to use iPhone app lock to protect iOS apps
Lock iPhone app

Step 4: Make sure to put that “is Opened” status

Step 5: Tap on the App section, then select the applications which we need to lock.

Step 6: Then press Done button, upper right.

Step 7: Then press on Next button, upper right.

Step 8: Tap on add actions, then search Timer. Then select start timer.

Step 9: Set timer for 1 second, and change minutes to seconds. – This means after one second, the start timer action triggers.

How to lock iPhone. iPad apps with shortcut lock
Customize iOS lock

Step 10: Tap on next button, then you can see the summary of our changes.

Summery: when we start the application, do start the timer.

Make sure to deselect “Ask before running”.

Go back to home screen and find clock application, then go to timer and tap on “when timer ends” then scroll down to bottom and tap on the “Stop Playing” then set it by tap on “Set” button upper right.

Now the automation is work. Try to open up an application, you can see it gives us a notification that shortcut has run, and it takes us right back to lock screen, or we had to put in our face ID or Touch ID or our Passcode.

Basically our shortcut program does : it goes into the application which we open for one second, and then it runs the command to set the timer and that timer is set to stop playing, and that biscuits ends it back to the lock screen.

Removing Nortifications:

If you want to get rid of this notification, we can easily set up it.

So go to notification settings in iPhone/iPad settings and follow below guide to rid the notification.

Step 1: Go to settings, and tap on the screen time, select See All activity.

Step 2: scroll down to bottom, then you can see notifications right down there.

Step 3: Click on the shortcut, then disallow notifications.

Now try to run any selected application to check app lock status. It’s not got any shortcut’s notification.

How to disable APP lock

Go to shortcut app again, Go to automation we created. And simply disable the automation.

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