Here is every thing about CURRENT JAILBREAK and all the latest iOS updates.

Current gives your iPhone an attractive wavelength battery level animation. One thing that Apple is not attracted to is its animation. Many handset brands have competitive animation and design capabilities that enhance the user’s UX / UI experience as a whole. There are a lot of animation-centric jailbreak changes, especially those running on Android, that can be moved to the iOS platform.

Apple needs to improve its animation game, but until that happens, tech lovers will continue to jailbreak and improve their iOS animations. One of the newer animations that users get through jailbreaking is the current change in the iOS developer Chr1s. Learn how Current gives your iPhone an interesting wave-inspired battery level animation and how to raise the level.


Current How to give your iPhone an attractive wavelength battery level animation?

These wave inspirations provide the essence of the animation that damages the wave at the top on a colorful background. It goes up and down depending on the current battery level of the device. If you’ve been in jail for a while, you’ll feel familiar with such animations. Previously there was a similar type of animation and it was in the form of Xen HTML widget.

One thing users should know is that current does not support any gravitational physics. After installing this modification, many people turn their device to the side to see if the wave is following the cell phone orientation. However, that is not what happens. When you install this modification, it currently adds a preferences window in the settings app, which can be modified and tuned to several options depending on the user. Here are some of them:

  • Enable or disable current on demand
  • Select the location where the current animation takes place, check both the lock screen, the home screen or both the lock and the home screen.
  • Choose the wavelength custom or base color.
  • Set the primary wavelength color alpha level with a slider.
  • Select a custom secondary wavelength and set its color alpha level with a slider.
  • Adjust the wavelength through a slider

The breather button is provided in the upper right corner of the preferences window, allowing users to easily save changes to any of the above options when setting up the app. If you want to try this current wave, you can download it through many stores online. They are available through the Favorite Package Manager. This crash seems to support iOS 14 devices, but can work in previous versions as well.

What’s so exciting about the current wave-inspired battery level animation?

Well, it’s about iPhone users having to compromise a lot because of the intriguing animations and non-creative features of iOS devices. Humans can easily download these current inspired waves through any Jellbrick breaker and retrieve them from their current device system.


It’s amazing how the current can give your iPhone an attractive wavelength battery level animation. While this is just one of the many things that can help someone through jailbreak modifications, this is more interesting than animation. Try this wave-inspired battery level animation and have fun.